Jennifer Aniston’s Sexy “Bounty Hunter” Set Pics!

Source: Fan-Sites.org

You all love her and most of you probably can’t go a single day without thinking about her. Yup, Jennifer Aniston is sexy and the world absolutely knows it. Which is why seeing these incredible candid shots of Jen on the set of her new action/comedy BOUNTY HUNTER are such a special treat. Actor Gerard Butler is a lucky man as he’ll no doubt be kissing her up and down at some point in this movie. Does anybody else notice that Jen is doing a movie with almost the exact same plot as MR. AND MRS. SMITH which brought Brad and Angelina together? Hmmm. Oh well, Jen looks hot and that’s all we care about so enjoy the new set pics below.

jenanistonbhsetcandidsaug09jenanistonbhsetcandidsaug09 (2)jenanistonbhsetcandidsaug09 (1)


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